151 Proof Movies: Mega List of Drinking Games!

For over 3 years, we have been doing 151 Proof Movies on this site. It is the 3rd longest running feature on the website, and we have done quite a few movies. To make it easier for people to navigate, and for our own historical collection, we have collected all the movies we’ve done to date and links to the drinking rules we used for it!

Before we get to the movies though, we wanted to also share the site-wide rules for any movies we watch!

  1. Rubber Nipples – Created during our first viewing of Batman and Robin, Rubber Nipples is a safeguard for your movie-watching pleasure!
  2. The Movie Title Name Drop – Sometimes a film just needs to remind you what it is called!
  3. The Synder Effect – In honor of Zack Synder’s usage of slow-motion, we created this very special (and flexible rule).

Now onto the films that we have done!

Earl Rufus

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