151 Proof Movie: Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever Drinking Game

Tis the season.

Christmas movies are an interesting sub-genre all of their own. We tend not to think of them as “bad” because for the most part they always seem to have heart somewhere in the movie, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are enjoyable either. And since Christmas comes but once a year, we are usually bombarded with a barrage of new Christmas movies on TV.

The two biggest offenders? The Lifetime Channel and ABC Family. In years past, ABC Family has given us such gems as Home Alone 5 and A Christmas Story 2. Not to be outdone, The Lifetime Channel is taking an internet joke and running with it, and this is how Grumpy Cat gets its first movie. And like all bad movies, we are here so that you get your liquor on. Presenting the Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever drinking game.

  1. Dreaming of a White Christmas – Every time it snows, take a drink. And you have to finish your drink, if the snow fall is a “miracle” or “miraculous”
  2. The Santa Clause! – Anytime the name Santa is uttered take a drink. Take 2 drinks every time a parent tries to convince their child that its not the real Santa. Take 3 drinks if it actually turns out to be the real Santa.
  3. The Christmas Tune – Whenever a Christmas song plays take a drink.
  4. The Christmas Pun -You know it will happen, nothing gets a chuckle better than a silly Christmas joke or some type of misunderstanding about the mistletoe. Their blunder is your thunder, take a drink!
  5. The Grumpy Cat – Anytime the movie focuses in on Grumpy Cat’s expression, take a drink.
  6. Snarky Cat – For any snarky response from Grumpy Cat, take a drink.
  7. The Aubrey Plaza Rule – “Every time I say “meow,” I think people should drink or take a hit of weed, or whatever their preferred thing is. “

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever premieres Saturday November 29th at 8pm ET on the Lifetime Channel.

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