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Elixir Mixer: Captain America

Ah! After ten thousand years I’m free! Time to conquer– wait, what? I’ve only been frozen in that block of ice for a little over three years? Well then dear adventurer, I guess I...


Drunken Ramblings: Wonder Woman Casting

Our good buddy Earl recorded this monologue Friday night while in a drunken stupor, and yet this might be the most eloquent and well-thought-out he’s ever been.  Go fig.  Enjoy.  Download The Drunk   

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Talk of the Town: YEAH! Impressions

During NYCC ’13, I got the chance to go hands and eyes on with a new streaming service simply called “YEAH!” I came away from the demonstration impressed, but also asking “Why?” The app...


Diss Kinect-Ed

When Microsoft first unveiled the Xbox One, they revealed that Kinect would be a mandatory part of the experience. This was met with anger and outrage from the gaming community. After their experience with...

"Professionalism" within industry peers

The Worst Week For Video Games Culture

Video games culture is a very interesting one for those inside it. I don’t mean “worthy of study” or “something to aspire to” either, more “something diverse, but with a dark side”. The week,...


Top Shelf Comics – June 5th

    Each week we take our favorite comic book of the week and tell you what made us decide on this book. Frank’s Top Self Comic The Phantom Stranger #9 is my pick...


Nintendo and SEGA Sitting in a Tree?

I will be honest, there may be nothing to see here, but the recent interactions between SEGA and Nintendo (at least in Japan) have been quite intriguing. To begin with, let’s look at what...