Superman: Do You Even Lift, Bro?

Today, the trailer for Justice League War was released. Based off the first major arc in the new 52, it tells the story of how the current iteration of the Justice League was formed. This trailer was our first major glimpse of many members of the Justice League’s New 52 look in animated form, and the Superman costume stood out as not really translating well.

Then it got me thinking, why is Superman always drawn so muscular? We all know his powers comes from the rays of our sun, and not from working out and as far as I can tell he is hardly ever depicted working out. But if he does work out, what the hell does he do?

For a Man who can (depending on the source), press diamonds out of coal in his bare hands, run around the planets in minutes (or fly around it fast enough to reverse time) and able to lift entire planets (several at a time if needs be), what on Earth (pun intended) could he actually do to work out?

Leaving us with one question, “Superman, do you even lift, bro?”

Earl Rufus

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