151 Proof Movies: Star Wars Holiday Special Drinking Game

In a galaxy, far, far away is where most people want to send this holiday special, but it takes brave men and women to look evil in the eye and say “We’re not afraid!” Which is how we find ourselves watching the Star Wars Holiday Special on Christmas Eve.

I’m sure it’s reputation spans far and wide so won’t bother you with the details, just them delicious drinking rules.

To the rule book!

  1. The Stars Wars – Any time a character from the film appears for the first time, take a drink.
  2. Festivus for the Restivus – Every time someone says “Life Day,” take a drink.
  3. Star Search – For every scene in which the characters break into song, take a drink.
  4. *After These Messages… – Every time the special cuts to commercial, take a drink.

*If you have a version that features commercials. If not, drink for every fade-to-black scene.

Earl Rufus

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