151 Proof Movies: Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle Drinking Game

Back in 2010, the world was “gifted” the greatest film to ever tackle our precarious ecological system. Yes the first Birdemic swarmed into our lives with it’s state of the art… existence and a plot and people pretending to act and everything. We were not fans of the original.

Somehow, the movie proved so bad-it’s-good that is garned enough of a fanbase for there to be a sequel just 3 years later. We again were not fans of the movie.

It has been almost a decade since the 2nd Birdemic, I thought we were safe… I thought we were safe, but you’re never really safe. Thanks to some funding from fans and just a drive to punish me, there is now a Birdemic 3.



Ladies and gentlemen, its time once more to save the environment, it’s time for the Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle drinking game.

  1. Shock and Terror – For every death/kill in the movie, take a drink.
  2. The Fire Nation Attacked – Whenever there is talk of “wildfires,” take a drink.
  3. Gaia, The Spirit of Earth – Take a drink whenever the movie attempts to deliver an environmental message.
  4. Student Film 3 – When the movie makes amateur filmmaking mistakes (Such as mixed audio, drop in picture quality or lighting), take a drink.
  5. The Resurrection – Take a drink for any cameos/references to the previous 2 films in the series.
  6. Sea Eagle! – Take a shot when the birds finally do show up in the movie.

That’s it for our Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle drinking game. Join us this week as we check out the movie and review how badly it all goes again.

For more of our drinking games, check out the ever-updated Mega-List.

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