Hangover: Birdemic 2 The Resurrection Review

After carefully crafting the perfect set of drinking rules, Penguin and Swan embark on reviewing these disastrous films, and sharing the results with the world. Join us!
Movie: 2

How does one review a movie that is trying to be bad, enjoyable but still bad. I could talk about how the sound mixing was garbage, how the camera never seemed to be properly focused on what it wanted to be or what the actors believe to be acting. But that feels too easy.

You don’t go into Birdemic 2: The Resurrection (Not just a snappy title but plot applicable) expecting a well made movie. You go into it expecting something almost passing for a movie to make you laugh. There is a line though, a line that the original Birdemic completely passed into the point of being painful to watch. The sequel, however, I find to actually be a little fun for the last half hour.

It has some parts that left me so utterly baffled that I could not help but laugh. And going into this that is the last I could have expected so I give this the smallest thumbs up I can manage.
Score 2 
This is feint praise, but Birdemic 2 is better than the original. I think because it doesn’t try and just seem to throw random scenes into a blunder and hope they reach the runtime needed for a movie.
Take the beginning of the movie which is just a 5-minute long tracking shot of the main character walking through downtown LA. That scene does nothing. It doesn’t set up the location, it doesn’t set up the character, it doesn’t set up the threat, it’s literally a walkthrough of Hollywood Boulevard. My working theory is they had one legit day where they filmed in LA and wanted to prove to people they were really there!
That’s not all, at one point there’s just a dance break. For no apparent reason but to cut loose.
Oh and then there’s zombies. Yes, zombies appear in the movie for like a scene then disappear. Oh and an adopted kid. Seriously this movie is all over the place.
And of course there’s this scene…

Score 2

Drinking: 3


This movie had a very slow start for drinking. It also had a very slow middle for drinking. It only really picked up for drinking in the finale with birds existing everywhere and people falling down wildly. The only rule of ours that really applied through out was a rule that appears to not have actually been a rule. I feel that the amount they talked about making movies and movie lingo deserves to be a rule because cheese and rice did they ever talk about it.

The other surprise was the environmental message rule which we thought would be a banger throughout. It did not come up for first hour of movie and then came at us hard in the last 20 minutes with the characters basically being sat down and having environmentally friendly actions explained to them.

I suggest if you are going to watch this movie with our rules to drink whenever you spot a corpse breathing as well. And whenever you are baffled by what you are watching,

Score 3


The rules were a mixed bag. We worked under the assumption that a sequel would be similar to the original in messaging, but that was foolish. Actually one of the strangest parts of this movie is acknowledging that the first film happened, but it was just any other event to the surviving characters.

Actually, we had an audible and decided to drink for any Hollywood meta talk/commentary because for some reason (We don’t know why… wink wink) the movie is about a director trying to fund his dream indie project. And the gang of “heroes” is made up of executives and talent on the movie.

Aside from that change, the rules were pretty solid. Much like the first movie though there’s a decent divide between what you’re drinking for in the first half and what you’re drinking for in the 2nd.
Score 3

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