151 Proof Movies: R.I.P.D Drinking Game

We’ve been doing 151 Proof Movies for nearly 4 years now, and over the past few years it has changed how we watch movies. Personally, over the past few weeks, R.I.P.D has been running on various movie channels, but always prevented myself from watching because I thought “This would make great drinking material!” The problem is that scheduling doesn’t always work out so push back watching a specific movie for one reason or another. We didn’t really have a hook this week so we figured it was time to check-out the department.

So it’s time to check into the RIPD and see what they have on the books!

  1. RIPD – Every time “RIPD” is mentioned whether the initials or the name of the actual division, take a drink.
  2. RIPDoA – For every death and/or resurrection (or whatever you call ascending in the department), take a drink.
  3. RiP Deados – Anytime a character mentions “deados” in some capacity, take a drink.
  4. RIPDisguises – Anytime they cut to the RIPD agents “real life disguises”, take a drink.
  5. RIPDeed – Any time Roy or rook is said, take a drink.

Bonus: RIPaste – Anytime you notice a similar scene to Men in Black, take a drink.

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