151 Proof Movies: The Country Bears Drinking Game

As much as I push for it, we have had a distinct lack of bear movies on this feature after a decade. With the exception of the Yogi Bear movie, I don’t think we’ve done any other movies with bears. But today that changes!

I don’t know why it changes. But we’re going into the magical Disney Vault for one of those movies they don’t seem to treasure as much as the others. We’re grabbing our instruments and joining the band because it is The Country Bears!

I hope those pipes are warmed up because it’s time to sing along to The Country Bears drinking game!

  1. Animal Collective – Sometimes there’s a song in your heart and you need to let it out with that in mind any time there’s a musical sequence in the movie, take a drink.
  2. Bearly Funny – You know it, you groan, but you love it whenever there is a bear related pun or joke in the movie, take a drink.
  3. A Pawtrait – Whenever someone says bear, take a drink.
  4. Unbearable Siblings – Sometimes sibling rivalries are pretty intense so take a drink whenever “Dexter” is said, take 2 any time he is hit for his comments.
  5. Beary Hidden – For any cameo in the movie, take a drink.

For more of our drinking games, check out the ever-updatedĀ Mega-List.

As always, we will put these rules to the test when we can and make any necessary amendments to make sure you have the BEST possible time while watching the movie. You can follow along by following eitherĀ @ER_NOTRĀ orĀ @Wooden_PintĀ on Twitter. Or by following the hashtag #151PM. Usually starting at 10pm ET/7pm PT on Friday nights!


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