151 Proof Movies: Hobgoblins Drinking Game

You ever see a movie so shameless, you wonder how it didn’t get smacked with a lawsuit for gimmick infringement?

Hobgoblins looks so “inspired” by Gremlins, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was hiding in that movie’s closet taking notes. And it doesn’t seem to have half the charm, but it’s the movie job to prove us wrong.

Anyhow, here is the Hobgoblins drinking game.

For Your Pleasure – Any scenes of wish fulfillment or fantasy, take a drink.

Let’s Get This Party Started – For any party starting scenes, take a drink. This includes scenes where characters dance or sing or bust out the booze.

Human for a Day – Anytime someone mistakes a hobgoblin for a human, take a drink. Take 2 drinks if they realize it isn’t a human and scream in horror.

Boys Will Be Boys – For any tomfoolery in the movie including pranks, hijanks and insults, take a drink!

For more of our drinking games, check out the ever-updatedĀ Mega-List.

As always, we will put these rules to the test when we can and make any necessary amendments to make sure you have the BEST possible time while watching the movie. You can follow along by following eitherĀ @ER_NOTRĀ orĀ @Wooden_PintĀ on Twitter. Or by following the hashtag #151PM. Usually starting at 10pm ET/7pm PT on Friday nights!



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