151 Proof Movies: Tomb Raider Drinking Game

Our planning committee for these movies is basically, we throw random films out until we decide to agree on something. In this case, we originally envisioned this being “March of the Musicals  but couldn’t come up with a quality (read bad) first musical to start-off with. While recording this week’s episode of Nerds on the Rocks, we were discussing video game movies, and realized that there was still a wide-world of them that we haven’t seen yet.

That brings us to this week’s featured film: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The film tends to be more middling than alright bad, but this is why we exist. To test these films, and pass our own judgment.

On to the rules!

  1. Master of the Croft– Whenever someone says “Lara” or “Croft”, take a drink
  2. Raided Tombs– For every death in the film, take a drink.
  3. Master of the Elements– For every encounter with some element (air, water, earth and fire), take a drink. (Sans breathing because you know!)
  4. Costume Party– Every time Lara changes her outfit, take a drink.
  5. What Just Happened– For everything out of the ordinary in this film, time-travel, teleporting, giant dog robots and the likes, take a drink.

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