151 Proof Hangover: Movie 43 Review

[After creating and then testing the drinking rules, Swan and Penguin recap their adventures with the movie. Offering their thoughts on the quality of the film itself, as well as how the drinking rules held up, and if worth using.]

There are bad movies then there is Movie 43.

Let’s get to the review!

Movie: 1.5

Swan – 2

Oh Movie 43 what terrible, terrible things I had heard about you. Nobody seems to like you. Everybody just gets mad at the mention of you. And you know what? You weren’t unbearable. Sure I didn’t find you particularly funny but I did chuckle once or twice. And you did have a few interesting ideas. But then you went and put balls on Wolverine. That was a low blow. 

I have seen worse comedies than Movie 43, a lot worse but that doesn’t make this one worth watching. None of the sketches really stand out as being funny though some do have clever ideas. Do I recommend it? Eh. You could find better movies. 

Penguin – 1

Swan already hit the broad strokes of the film. I’m going to hit the connection. The loose thread of a plot (we watched THAT version) that ties these skits together is just a terrible mess of a film. The kids in them are just poor actors, and the premise seems so damn silly. 

And the conclusion of that arc. 

The rest of the movie was just bland. There were maybe 2 skits that told out (Honestly couldn’t tell you how many there were, but get to that in a second!) and that was Halle Berry’s dare skit and the offensive basketball skit. Everything else was just awful for different reasons. 

Drinking: 6

Swan – 2/6

This was a weird one. We had to call in RN in the last third of the film because it was getting to be too much for us. But we only had two beers for the whole movie. How, you may ask, did that come to be? The shots, shots, shots! This film name drops on the daily leading to a slosh of hardbar to go down the hatch. And I will admit I laughed once or twice. It wasn’t at a joke exactly, just at the mere existence of Patrick Warburton.

We ended up having to add a few rules because the first half hour of the film was slow going. Looking back on that now that may not have been the wisest decision

Penguin – 6

Be careful what you wish for! 

We went into this movie with only one rule on the book (and the background rules we have for the site) because we expected there to be a connectivity to the skits instead of being one and done. We added a few more rules to the fold when we realized how slowly the movie would be. Even with those addition, the drinking in the film was still pretty light…

And then came the name dropping. Oh the name dropping. We lost count along the way, but there were at least 12 instances of the movie’s title being used in the movie. Now 12 shots in general would screw most people up in 90 minutes, when they come in a 2 minute scene then, it makes for a very short film.

If you play solely with the rules in the article above, expect a slow drinking game with a bad movie.

If you play with the house rules, expect to forget half the movie and be a walking corpse by the end.

Either way, unless you are really curious. I’d avoid this movie.

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