151 Proof Hangover: Dumb and Dumberer When Harry Met Lloyd Review

Our Jim Carrey-less sequel month started off with Dumb and Dumberer. Which is quite ironic since this is actually not a sequel, but instead a prequel to the original Dumb and Dumber. As the title says, this details how Harry and Lloyd met in High School and became best friends. The movie features a cast… with some recognizable names who must have been really hard up for a job.

Anyhow, let’s get to the score board!



I genuinely laughed three times during this movie. I just wanted to say that off the bat so we could start this honestly. I stand by my laughter as well. Silent letters are hilarious and how can you not laugh at Bob Saget freaking out over poop? You must be a robot if that doesn’t make you crack a smile. I do not remember what the third laugh was but I still stand by it because I am a refined scholar of comedic styling and I refuse to laugh at philistine attempts at humor.

As for the rest of the movie it is very mediocre, though it surprisingly doesn’t try and steal every joke from the previous movie. Not that the jokes in this are great but I have to give the movie props for not stealing jokes from the far superior film. The two main actors did a fairly good job in their roles, with Eric Christian Olsen nailing the Lloyd Christmas impression. If you didn’t know any better you might assume the guy is somehow related to Sir Jim. 

Should you watch the movie though? That is really the question. I enjoyed it though I couldn’t recommend it to everyone as it is not a good comedy. It does have its parts that shine through to make this bearable. Bob Saget being the first thing that comes to mind. So if Bob Saget screaming about poop sounds good to you then give this movie a lookie lookie.


This movie wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. That’s got to count for something? And I actually did laugh once during the entire movie, which is honestly once more than I thought I would have. 

As for the actual movie, it was there. I remember commenting about halfway through if it would develop.. you know a plot of some sort. Eventually, it does stumble through one and makes for a messy climax, but it exists. The acting was okay.. there’s only so great of a job you can do pretending to be dumb while pretending to be two much stronger actors. 

The music was very choice. I’m a fan of the 80s, what can I say!



Without even getting into most of the rules I give this movie a 5, based upon our most subjective rule. I did not expect to actually laugh that many times in this film so that really hurt me. The other rules in we had for this specific film did their job decently, with the main characters referring to each other by name probably coming out a head by a sea hair. The “special” rule was definitely was a close second with the other two rules getting the job done as well. Thinking about it this may be the most I have actually drank for 151 Proof Movies in awhile, and this is just the beginning of the year!

I’m sorry liver


Some people just love hearing their name. The rule where Harry or Lloyd says the other name REALLY messed us up. There are scenes where Lloyd (he is more guilty of this than Harry by far) would just say his name 3-4 times in a row. That didn’t help at all.

There weren’t as many clear-cut references to the original film as one would imagine so luckily we were mostly spared from that rule. The rest was used decently, but nothing special. While special was said a couple of times, it was only in direct relation to the main characters a handful of times. 

What  didn’t help that Swan had his giggle fits and laughed 3 times throughout the movie. I was unsure about the rule so I took the first shot before realizing only the party who laughed had to drink. I only laughed at one scene as I mentioned before, and it was TV’s Danny Tanner making a shit joke. Yes, some part of me remains 6 years old! 

That’s that for the first of our 4 Jim Carrey-less sequels. It is far from a good movie, but it isn’t eye-pokingly bad either. I’m not sure where this will stand when it is all said and done, one can hope this is the worst and we can only go up from here?


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