151 Proof Movies Hangover: Air Bud

Air Bud is the first movie in.. the Air Bud franchise. It stars Buddy the Dog as a talented and athletic dog named.. Bud. The first movie sees him playing basketball after being discovered by a kid named Josh.

The Movie: 3.5 

Wooden Pint:├é┬áAs for the actual movie, it was what anybody would expect from hearing the premise, it was a family movie directed at children, though not over the top childish. I have to admit that my body warmed at the climax of this. – 4

Penguin: The movie was enjoyable for what it was. It never thrived to be anything more than a feel good family flick, and it works. I laughed throughout most of it because of the appearance of the Magical Negro. I also want to note for a movie about a dog playing basketball, it is extremely light on basketball and even lighter on an actual dog playing basketball. -3

The Drinking: 3

Wooden Pint: This movie was a fairly light drinking movie. I mean, I can type coherently at the end. The only part of it where we really drank was the finale and that was mostly because of the our little amendment to the rules. While watching this movie we realized that we missed the most obvious rule for the Air Bud franchise. Every time the dog scores a point, goal, touchdown, whatever. It was silly of us to forget that and that is why we test these rules. -4

Penguin: The movie was fairly light on actual drinking. It took about 15 minutes before the first drink entered the picture. Then it kind of had really low lows and then would have├é┬ámoments├é┬áof├é┬ácontinuous├é┬ádrinking. Oddly enough, coming into the movie I didn’t expect the motivational speech rule to be the rule that produced the most drinks, but that’s what happened. During the course of the movie, we also added a new rule which will be reflected at some point on the site, in which we drink for whenever the dog scores. Surprisingly enough, the rule that proved to be the most worthless in the original is the dog-pun rule. There were only like 3 in the entire movie. I expect it to get worse as we go on though. -2

Thanks for joining us for Air Bud. Check out next week as we watch Air Bud: Golden Receiver!

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