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Top 12 Songs of 2011

I have never done a top song list of the year before because I really can never pick them let alone try to put them in any order. So here is my first attempt at doing this, I am sure there are a lot of good songs I may have forgotten and left out. These songs are songs that I have listened to countless times and they do not seem to get old to me.  I really this would more so be a personal playlist for me for the past year, kind of describing my year! Here are my top 12 songs of 2011

12. What You Want — Evanescence

This song is a good return for the band after taking a break. Really this isn’t the same band as when they first formed but Amy’s voice is what makes this band for me and this song was just a good welcome back.

11. I in Lie — Patrick Stump

Who knew he could put together a catchy album on his own. This song is just filled with lyrics that anyone who has been cheated on can relate to. Your typical pop club album/song but damn good nonetheless.

10. Rope — Foo Fighters

This band just continues to get better over time. This is really is great musically and has that typical epic Foo Fighters feel to it. I will listen to them for a long time when they keep making songs like this.

9. Walking Away- Limp Bizkit

I bet a lot of you did not know they had a new album come out in 2011. They still have it, but the loss of a huge fan base, and no help from the record label (they are ruining the industry) this was not known. Ten years later the original line up is back, and this song is one of the best on the album. It pumps you up! The album has its fair share of fun, stupid Bizkit on it, but this song isn’t the case.

8. Dark Horses — Switchfoot

This song is what really made me go out and listen to their new album. Which was a big surprise with how good this album was as a whole. I could pick a few songs form that album but decided on this one because it really is what made me take notice to this band again and made me download what turned out to be my surprise of the year!

7. Redemption in the Verse — Go Radio

This band would have been my best new band of the year if it was not for Foster the People. This song I feel defines that band and that is a song I find myself skipping on the album just to listen to it. Even though there are a ton of good songs on this album. Fun fact this song is amazing live and really is one the fans get into when its played, and you can tell the band loves playing for them!

6. Not Your Fault — AWOLnation

I have seemed to get more into this electronic genre this year, this band is just fun and this song is my favorite song by them. Whenever I hear it on the radio I will turn it up and really enjoy listening it with the windows down in the car.

5.  Faith — Taking Back Sunday

This song is really the best song they have released since their “Where You Want To Be” album. I think that it was one of those songs that you hear and instantly enjoy. They really seem like they are returning to form with this album, especially this song.

4. Houdini — Foster the People

This song was a hard one to pick, because there were a ton of good songs on their album. It really seems to be a summertime song; really this was a summertime album. This song just starts with a great beat and is a song I find I have to listen to right away when I insert the CD. While a bunch of their songs could have been chosen, this song had a little extra to make the list.

3. Up All Night — Blink-182

First single in years. Need I say more? Blink showed us they were maturing back with their self-titled album, and this album and song expand upon that. This song has a catchy upbeat beat, but with dark lyrics. It is just a song that shows how far this band has grown. Blink is back.

2. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall — Coldplay

This album also had a ton of songs I would have liked to pick, but the excitement of hearing this first new single is why it makes this list. The song surpassed my excitement and really showed that Coldplay still has it and that they can make great songs while taking risks of trying to create a different sound.

1. Sing For Me — Yellowcard

No surprise here. This song really is a perfect song to me. Great lyrics, great music, and it hits on such an emotional level. This song has great meaning to the band. It even got me chocked up when I hear it live, that shows that this song really is hitting on all cylinders. Nothing else can be said other than song of the year!

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