Comic Book Reviews: Josh’s Haul 8/28/2013

Aquaman #23

Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: Paul Pelletler & Sean Parsons

The Death of a King story has come to a conclusion in Aquaman #23, and it was a bit underwhelming. The Death of a King has been a fantastic story, Geoff Johns thank you for making Aquaman awesome, and this conclusion felt a bit rushed and not as epic as it should have been.

There were a few stories that finally came together in this issue, which is why it felt rushed. The story would have been better developed with Aquaman arriving to Atlantis and saving issue #24 for the battle there. While the issue was rushed, it was full of surprises! Seeing giant sea creatures take down the villains is aways fun. With the excellent art, the reader is given some very stunning battle scenes.

Overall, Aquaman #23 has some great moments, and it was a conclusion to a very good story. The conclusion needed time to really set in and allow the story to go one issue longer. We got an emotional scene with Mera and Aquaman which was nice to see. Also a shocking ending that will have the two month wait frustrating many readers.

Review Score: 5 (Out of 7)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #25

Written By: Kevin Eastman
Art By: Mateus Santolouco

City Fall is shaping up to be one of the best comic book stories this year. Part four occurs in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #25 and this is an issue that is setting up for what is to come. This Dark Leo is awesome, hopefully we see him as the villain for a bit because it really puts a twist on the turtle family.

We see Leo really being the second in command to Shredder and that has many not very happy. Leo proves himself to his new master with a plan that worked and earned him respect while upsetting others. Meanwhile, Master Splinter is off trying to do things to get his son home and makes a promise with Old Hob that hopefully won’t come back to haunt him. Finally, we have the remaining turtles dealing with their stress. Raph is off beating up on street thugs and blaming himself for Leo getting captured and Casey getting hurt. There is some excellent dialogue late in the issue between him and his brother and how they need to be a team to bring there brother home.

Overall, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #25 is a bridge issue that really does not feel like it is just filling space. The art is great with the exception of the turtles, their round heads look odd.  Many turtle fans will be excited to see what happens on the final page of the issue. This story has been great and hopefully the quality will continue going forward.

Review Score: 6 (Out of 7)

Superman/Batman #3

Written By: Greg Pak
Art By: Jae Lee

This is finally starting to come together and make sense! After two issues I still was not sure exactly what was going on in Superman/Batman. After this issue the reader is given a lot of hints as to what is to come. There is some great dialogue in this issue. The conversations between older Superman and his young counterpart is excellent. Also is hearing what each thinks of the other.

This is shaping up to be a dark story judging by what happens toward the end of the issue. This dark “timeline” is perfect for Lee’s art style. The art isn’t something one would expect with Superman, but with this title also having Batman in it, allows for the darker tone. It is revealed that this is some sort of alternate earth where there is some sort of element that holds the key to saving one earth and destroying another.

Overall, this was a fun issue which moved the plot forward while also having an awesome flash back where Clark and Bruce were best friends growing up. This back story was interesting will make the plot even more interesting. Superman/Batman is going to be interesting going forward. What are each of these heroes going to do, since they both want to do what is best for their earth and the people they care for.

Review Score: 5 (Out of 7)

Josh Raj

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