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Flash Friday: Fear Less! Escape the Nightmare

As the resident flash game gamer (in that they’re the only games I play, and I play a good many per week) I figured I would highlight my favorite from the week each Friday.

Fear Less! Escape the Nightmare
Greg Lane: Code, Gameplay, Design
Anna Oliver: Artwork, Animation, Concept
Tony McCoy: Music

A girl’s recurring nightmares of being chased by death. Clear your mind and fight back against the darkness!

Fear Less! Escape the Nightmare is a simple concept that has been done numerous times before.  Many not this well though.  You play a cute girl resembling Little Red Riding Hood as she runs through the forest being pursued by a nightmare.  Equipped with only a sword and your sense of timing you must jump over toadstools, rabbits, and other obstacles while attacking foxes, wolves, and bears (oh my!) that block your path.  Take too much damage and the nightmare catches you.  Luckily there are plenty of upgrades which can be purchased with the coins you collect on your brisk run.

The controls and nice and tight.  Z for jump and X for attack.  Both jumping and attacking can be upgraded (higher and up to a triple jump, and better chance of landing a blow) along with your number of hearts, the rate at which they replenish, and one more which I won’t mention here.

The art style is pixelated in nature, and really done quite well; cute and clean.  The colors are for the most part muted, except for some bright red throughout.  There’s also a “retro effect” which overlays the screen making it look sort of like you were playing it on an older tv.  Just a really nice looking game.

I really enjoyed the music as well.  Keeps you charged up to keep playing again and again…and again.

And remember: keep calm, get coins.

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