Nerd Madness Round 1: Day 4

Sorry for the delay, been feeling under the weather. This shall be a day and a half to keep on schedule!

As noted this past Friday, Nerd Madness will be running wild all throughout the month of March here on the site. To kick it off, Round 1 competitions will run for about a week with each day of voting getting 2 days to determine a winner.

Let’s get to some first-round match-ups. As a rule, these are all from different brackets as to mix up the excitement of possible round two match-ups!

Maximus (Gladiator) vs Batman (Dick Grayson)

[poll id=”101″]

Samus Aran vs Wolverine

[poll id=”102″]

Bane vs Buzz Lightyear

[poll id=”103″]

Scott Pilgrim vs Sherlock Holmes

[poll id=”104″]

Earl Rufus

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