151 Proof Movies: Sharknado 5 Global Swarming Drinking Game

It’s that time of the year again.

Once more a Sharknado is about to descend upon our TV. And like we’ve done every year since the original, we’re offering up a drinking game for you all to enjoy during the live broadcast or your own leisure!

Get your storm gear, we’re hunting sharknados!

  1. Around the World – For every new location introduced in the film, take a drink. Take 2 drinks whenever a major landmark is destroyed.
  2. Death from Sea– Whenever a human dies/is killed in this film, take a drink.
  3. Death from Land– Whenever a shark dies/is killed in this film, take a drink. Take 2 drinks when a shark is killed by a chainsaw.
  4. Wind!- For every reference to the tornado or the “Storm”, take a drink.
  5. Finntastic– For every shark related pun in the movie, take a drink.
  6. Live From… – For every cameo appearance in this film, take a drink. Take 2 drinks for the first appearance of anyone from The Today Show.
    • The Sharknado – WARNING – Only for the strong-stomached, for every mention of “Sharknado” in the film… take a shot.

    For more of our drinking games, check out the ever-updated Mega-List.

    As always, we will put these rules to the test when we can and make any necessary amendments to make sure you have the BEST possible time while watching the movie. You can follow along by following either @ER_NOTR or @Wooden_Pint on Twitter. Or by following the hashtag #151PM. Usually starting at 10pm ET/7pm PT on Friday nights!


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