151 Proof Movies: Dragonball Evolution

Bad movies come in all shapes and sizes. Though, there seems to be a tendency for bad movies based on certain types of entertainments. The amount of good video game movies can be counted on a single hand, and while we have a ton of terrific comic book movies, there are still a ton that miss the mark.  One such area that to the best of my knowledge hasn’t had many hits is anime.

With that oh so gloomy introduction out of the way, we introduce you to 151 Proof Movies Drinking Game for Dragonball Evolution. As I like to note, we’re going in this blind as I’ve never seen the movie so who knows how well these rules work or if they work at all!

1) Dragon Ball- Over the course of doing these 151 Proof Movies, I’ve learned one thing these verbal rules are the ones that can bite you in the arse the most. That said, everytime Dragonball is said, take a drink!

2) Say It With Feeling– If the movie is anything like the series it is based on, there will be a lot of random shouting and grunts and calling out moves. So every time, one of those happens, take a drink.

3) Monkey Business- An element of the earlier DragonBall series was that Goku was able to turn into a monkey or ape or whatever during a full moon. So when it occurs, take a nice big ole drink in honor!

4) Pose Down– Like Street Fighter and Tekken before it, whenever a fighter poses or hits us with a fancy one-liner, take a drink!

That should do it for our drinking game rules. As always, we shall test out the rules and provide you the results soon!


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