151 Proof Movies: Cage (1989) Drinking Game

It’s gonna be a rumble tonight

A very Royal Rumble that’s right!

It is time to do battle! In honor of the Royal Rumble, we’re taking it to the ground and entering the CAGE with this week’s movie.

Check out the trailer for 1989’s Cage and meet us on the other side for some rules.

Time to tape up them fists, we’re entering the CAGE drinking game.

  1. Rage in a Cage – Take a drink any time Reb Brown shouts.
  2. Hell in a Cell – For any death in the movie, take a drink.
  3. Let’s Get Ready to Rumble – Face to face, blow for blow, take a drink whenever a new fight begins.
  4. Quite Cagey – Any time someone says or refers to the cage/structure, take a drink..
  5. It’s all on the line – There will be blood, there will be battles, but more importantly there will be bets. Whenever characters make/pay out a bet or show off money in relations to the fight, take a drink.

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