151 Proof Movies: Wrong Side of Town Drinking Game

With Dave Batista making waves once again on the big screen, we thought we would check out one of his earlier starring vehicles. And it’s not just him, along for the ride include other wrestling alum such as Rob Van Dam and Viscera. To muddle the waters even more with talent, it features porn stars and rappers. It’s going to be a good night.

Let’s check out the trailer for Wrong Side of Town.

Now doesn’t that look like quite the movie? Enough with the chit-chat, raise your glass it’s time for the Wrong Side of Town drinking game!

  1. Tombstone – For every death in the movie, take a drink.
  2. Batista Bomb – For every explosion in the movie, take a drink.
  3. 5 Star Frog Splash – Any time a wrestling move is performed in the movie, take a drink.
  4. Seth Friggin… Seth – Whenever the name “Seth” is said, take a drink.
  5. Ultimate Warriors – Any time a new group or characters show up, take a drink.

For more of our drinking games, check out the ever-updated Mega-List.

As always, we will put these rules to the test when we can and make any necessary amendments to make sure you have the BEST possible time while watching the movie. You can follow along by following either @BreaAbone or @WoodenSwann on Twitter. Or by following the hashtag #151PM. Usually starting at 10pm ET/7pm PT on Friday nights!


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