151 Proof Animation: Batman: The Animated Series Drinking Game

151 Proof is a brand (ti’s also a level of alcohol content), but for the most part we’ve kept it related to movies. With Trent and Ryan taking over responsibilities this week, and with the 20th anniversary looming, we thought to stretch our arms out a bit and give Batman: The Animated Series the ole college try.

Unlike our movie rule, we’re going to include more because it’s really difficult to encompass 109 episodes in 5 rules. And the quality will vary from episode to episode.

Without further ado, let’s get to the scoreboard!

  1. He’s The God-Damn Batman– Every time someone says Batman, take a drink.
  2. “I Draw You a Bath!”– Every time Alfred delivers a snarky comment or responds in a dry voice, take a drink.
  3. You Get Use to It– Whenever Batman appears from out of the shadow or sneaks up on someone, take a drink.
  4. Bat-Magic– Every time Batman vanishes when someone turns their back, take a drink
  5. The Monologue– Whenever a villain insults Batman or Robin, take a drink.
  6. And with this Special Report- Every time Summer Gleeson appears, take a drink.
  7. Let’s Talk About Sex…– Every time characters’ exhibit a level of sexual tension or the show slips in a sexual innuendo, take a drink.
  8. Let Me Tell You a Tale– Every time the villain decides it is best to let someone in on their plan, take a drink.
  9. And Here Comes the Hook– You know it, you love it, and always saves Batman’s behind, take a drink every time the grappling hook/gun makes an appearance.
  10. Like Sparks from His Hand– Batman’s other trusted toys, every time he tosses a batarang, take a drink!
  11. Like a Musical Instrument– Mark Hamill has compared his laughter to that of a musical instrument so every time you hear that crackling laugh, take a drink.
  12. It’s a Signal.. in the Sky– Every time the Batsignal is shone high above the sky, take a drink.
  13. The Ole Bruce Charm– Whenever the Bruce Wayne voice (you know the one) or Bruce turns on the charm for the ladies, take a drink.
  14. Bullock’s Snack Time– Whenever Bullock is shown eating something on screen, take a drink.
  15. The Batman theme- Whenever a cue from the intro music/Batman theme is played, take a drink.
  16. I’m the Boss– Every time Gordon is seen giving orders, take a drink!


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2 Responses

  1. zap_brannigan456 says:

    Good luck, i have a feeling there will be alot of drinking with this one.

  1. […] that the “151 Proof” brand wasn’t just limited to movies. We even did one for Batman: TAS earlier in the year. With Extra-Life a day away, we got some willing participants to do a 151 Proof […]

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