151 Proof Movies: Silent Hill Drinking Game

[151 Proof Movies is our unique way of viewing some of cinema’s most famous and infamous movies. We offer you some drinking rules to enhance your experience, and generally give you an update after we test the rules ourselves]

Generally speaking, Swan and I tend to do these movies after setting up the rules, but this week two brave souls have stepped forward to take the 151 Proof Challenge. Trent, who you will probably recognize from our “Ask a Dork series,” and his friend, Ryan, who you don’t know yet have decided to go for a two-fer this weekend. They get one old movie in Twilight, and a new movie in Silent Hill since Trent is such a huge fan!

As always, let’s get to the scoreboard!

  1. There’s a Fog Coming, Mr. Wayne– Whenever a fog rolls into town, take a drink.
  2. Let’s Get Supernatural!- Every time a supernatural creature appears, take a drink. Every time pyramid head appears, take 2 drinks!
  3. Sabrina The Teenage Witch– Every time witch or witchcraft or witch hunt is mentioned, take a drink.
  4. Press X to Sharon– Every time someone calls out for Sharon, take a drink.
  5. Death comes from The Hills– Every time someone dies/is killed, take a drink.

Different guests, different time. Trent and Ryan will be doing their double feature on Saturday night. You can still follow along with #151PM for all the antics!

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