151 Hangover: Showgirls Review

[After creating and then testing the drinking rules, Swan and Penguin recap their adventures with the movie. Offering their thoughts on the quality of the film itself, as well as how the drinking rules held up, and if worth using.]

Showgirls has become a bit of a cult-classic after it’s initial, somewhat lackluster run in theaters. We are far removed from its original theatrical run and even from its revival as a cult classic. With opinions kind of in the middle with this film, we approached it not really knowing what to expect. Did we fall in line with initial impressions or has age really help this film? Find out below!



I never really watched much of Saved by the Bell. I’m a little bit too young to have been the prime audience when it aired and I never really cared to go out of my way later in life to watch reruns. That being said, I have seen an episode or two and of the three female leads Jesse was the last one I would have wanted to see in this type of movie. For attractive reasons and acting ability.

The acting in this movie is not good. Not Oscar good, not even entertainingly-bad good just bad. I know this movie has a cult following and maybe because it was my first time watching it but I found this movie boring. Hard to get through even. I honestly could not tell you what happened in the last 20 minutes of this movie. 

If this movie is your cup of tea or you have fond memories, sure, watch this but otherwise steer clear. If you want nudity you always have the internet.


Distance and time are usually any entertainment product’s worst friend. Being almost a week removed from viewing this movie, I really feel like it left not a single impact on me. There are some memorable scenes, but for all the wrong reasons like the pool screw or the dry humping lap dance or pushing the starlet down the stairs, but other than that I can’t remember the film beats. 

It also doesn’t help that I never once felt connected to the main character. I feel she was too whiny and emotional to ever really feel like a victim throughout the whole affair. So even by the time her snapping came, I just felt it wasn’t justified. The rest of the cast was just as forgettable. To the point where I swear her best friend goes missing for the entire middle of the movie. 

There’s really nothing in here worth recommending. 



This is a movie where drinking is a necessity to get through it. And our rules certainly did the trick. Out of our five rules, four of them worked perfectly. The lead actress exits half of her scenes running off emotionally. And usually crying with is a twofer. And they amount they use the word “Dance” it is as if they don’t want us to forget that this movie is about dancers.

And of course the boobs, this is a movie about strippers and……Showgirls, of course this rule killed us. 

Our fifth rule about costume changes was completely forgotten. It would have been the same thing if you were to just drink whenever they dance.

If you have to watch this movie for some reason, our rules work perfectly to get you through the movie while still leaving you conscious.


You live and learn. Having a rule where you actively have to pay attention to what’s going on from scene to scene while getting drunk wasn’t our BEST idea so the costume change rule eventually got nixed just because we couldn’t really remember when they did or didn’t change costumes. 

The other rules ended up working out well though. Boobs were obviously a big one (no pun) since well almost every scene featured a topless lady or two or a dozen in certain scenes. The running away/crying was a lot more than I expected of it to be honest. Like to add emotional depth to the character, they tried to make her this emotionally unstable mess so she did it often. 

Dance/dancer/dancing were words thrown around as if they were “the.” I guess the dancers had to be reminded that they are dancers paid to dance so they better be dancing or something. Who knows! Either way, this was a pretty solid rule. 

Conclusion: Sadly, it seems like both Swan and I aren’t in the camp that thinks Showgirls was a misunderstood masterpiece. It just never really clicked. I was hoping to see what others saw in it, but sadly wasn’t the case.


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