#FebFaves: My Favorite Drinking Game

Beer pong and flip cup rule the college scene, and why wouldn’t they fast-pacing, engaging, competitive and works well with any number of participants. Then there are card games, games of luck, skill and cunning. They are much better as you get older as it allows for drinking, but in a more subtle and relaxed manner.

That said, my favorite drinking game is actually one that is just silly and goofy to play, involves elements of skill that can deteriorate while you drink, cunning and simple enough that you don’t actually need to drink to play. I speak of the game “Shoulders.”

“Players aim to count from 1 to 20. The first player starts by saying “One” and then touching their right or left shoulder. Depending which shoulder they touch is the way turn order will go. So if a player touches their left shoulder play proceeds to the left with the next player saying the next number.

Shoulders should be touched with the opposite hand. So left hand for right shoulder and right hand for left shoulder.

If any player messes up or takes too long to perform the required action, they must take a drink and then the count goes back to 1 and the game restarts.”

There’s some variations to the rules including pointing, going in reverse and other gimmicks, but at it’s heart Shoulders is a simple drinking game that’s easy to get into, fun to mess with people while playing and above all else is short enough to really get your buzz on.

Earl Rufus

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