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#FebFaves: Favorite Legal Drama

Jessup: I’ll answer the question. You want answers? Kaffee: I think I’m entitled to it! Jessup: You want answers?! Kaffee: I want the truth!! I will be the first to admit, my tastes can be fairly...


#FebFaves: G.I Joe Renegades

The show doesn’t fall into a “Favorite” anything… well I guess Favorite G.I Joe series, but that seems oddly specific. ANYHOW! G.I Joe Renegades is a short-lived revival of the G.I Joe brand from...


#FebFaves: My Favorite Drinking Game

Beer pong and flip cup rule the college scene, and why wouldn’t they fast-pacing, engaging, competitive and works well with any number of participants. Then there are card games, games of luck, skill and...


Dual Wielding 119: The Wonderful Paper Mario and Luigi, Please

After a brief summer hiatus, we have returned with tales of valor and glory and immigration reform. This week we kick off the show with impressions of Attack of the Friday Monsters, Mario and...

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