#FebFaves: G.I Joe Renegades

The show doesn’t fall into a “Favorite” anything… well I guess Favorite G.I Joe series, but that seems oddly specific. ANYHOW!

G.I Joe Renegades is a short-lived revival of the G.I Joe brand from 2010. The show essentially was G.I Joes via the A-Team with a band of Joes (Duke, Tunnel Rat, Roadblock, Rip Cord, Snake Eyes and Scarlett) on the run being pursued by the forces of Cobra and the military as they help out where they are needed while trying to clear their name. Yes, via the A-Team may be generous, but let’s go with it.

That said, I love the A-Team, who doesn’t and to see it given a slightly modern spin (they have a teched out van they travel in for instant) is a ton of fun. Not only that, but it’s able to use the G.I Joe lore and characters in new and interesting ways.

The animation is pretty solid. Though it has the overly clean look that a lot of action animated series did back then. Voice-acting is top-notch. And most importantly, even though it only lasted a season it does a good job of wrapping up the main season’s arc.

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