151 Proof Movies: James Bond 007-Edition

[151 Proof Movies is our unique way of viewing some of cinema’s most famous and infamous movies. We offer you some drinking rules to enhance your experience, and generally give you an update after we test the rules ourselves]

After taking a week off so that Trent and Ryan could enjoy their films, we’re back with agent 007. If you’ve been reading the site, you know we’re currently in the middle of doing “From Fandom With Love”, a series that takes a look at the James Bond franchise through the eyes of a die-hard fan. Though with 22 films in the books, there has to be a few stinkers. Thus, we’re going to combine “From Fandom with Love” with “151 Proof Movies” in this special 007 Edition.

Let’s get to the scoreboard!

  1. Bond, James Bond– This is simple whenever Bond is said take a drink.
  2. Shocking, Positively Shocking- This is Bond so for every one-liner he utters, take a drink.
  3. “Do Try and Bring that Back 007”– Whenever Bond uses one of his fancy gadgets, take a drink.
  4. Dance Into The Fire– Whenever the movie uses a cue from either the Bond theme or the title track, take a drink.
  5. License To Kill– Every time someone dies, take a drink.
  • Bonus Rule: Bond Girls– Every time it is implied/shown that Bond has bedded one of the beautiful women in his film, finish your drink.

There you have it, our Golden Rules are now set. We shall be running test with at least 3 Bond movies in Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker and Die Another Day!

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