151 Proof Movies: See No Evil Drinking Game

Welcome once again to 151 Proof Movies. We’re returning again to bring you WWE Movies in the Bank (A play on the WWE Money in the Bank PPV this July), where we check out the bad and worse of WWE Films.

This week’s film is the 2006 horror “classic”, See No Evil!

  1. Feel No Evil– For every death in this film, take a drink.
  2. Sense No Evil– For every jump scare, take a drink.
  3. See No Evil– For every depiction (either on-screen or as evidence) of eye removal, take a drink.
  4. Hear No Evil– Anytime you hear or an elevator is mentioned, take a drink.
  5.  Smell No Evil– For any imaginary that depicts decaying death (flies, maggots, characters remarking on that “odor”), take a drink.

Those are the See No Evil rules. We also have a Bonus rule and the WWE Movies in the Bank Rule.

  • WWE Movies in the Bank– For every wrestling move performed in a film, take a drink.
  • May 19th– If Kane delivers a chokeslam or tombstone, take a shot!

There we go. The movie is currently up in the air due to Swan’s work schedule, but if that doesn’t get in the way. We shall live-tweet as always around 10pm ET. Can follow along by following @ER_NOTR and @Wooden_Pint. Or by following hashtag #151PM

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