151 Proof Movies: Justice League of America Drinking Game

6 1/2 years after we started this whole ordeal, we have reached another milestone. This marks our 200th Drinking Game!

We racked our brains for a week trying to come up with the perfect movie or special to watch. What was bad enough to be considered good enough for such an occasion. And then as if bestowed upon us by the Seven Deities themselves, we realized the synergy that this week bought. You see it was #DCweek on the CW as Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow had an epic 3-part crossover event.

But you see this wasn’t the first time that DC Superheroes have banded together in live-action so we hopped into the Delorean and went back to the first time Warner tried to get the World’s Greatest Superfriends on the small-screen together. We went back to 1997, and the unaired pilot for Justice League of America!

So join us on this journey as we celebrate #DCWeek and our 200th film. Let’s get to the rules!

  • Super-Secret Identity – Any time the heroes are referred to by their code names/heroic names, take a drink.
  • Super-Speech – Whenever a character speaks to the “Camera” or interviewee, take a drink. Take 2 drinks, if it features a tag with their name.
  • Super-Powered – For any instance of power-usage, take a drink. When it is poor quality CG, take 2.
  • Super-Fight – Whenever the heroes bicker among themselves, take a drink.
  • Not so Super – When the heroes need to deal with everyday, ordinary problems, take a drink for the working man.

For more of our drinking games, check out the ever-updatedĀ Mega-List.

As always, we will put these rules to the test when we can and make any necessary amendments to make sure you have the BEST possible time while watching the movie. You can follow along by following eitherĀ @ER_NOTRĀ orĀ @Wooden_PintĀ on Twitter. Or by following the hashtag #151PM. Usually starting at 10pm ET/7pm PT on Friday nights!


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