151 Proof Movies: Marvel’s Inhumans Drinking Game

We’re all about the movies here at 151 Proof, but sometimes we like to mix it up a bit with some television. Rarely do we get to service two masters as once as we will with the Inhumans. A show that premiered in cinema just a few short weeks ago, and now will make it’s television debut this week.

Don’t know what Marvel’s Inhumans is? Why not take a look at the trailer below!

Did that whet your appetite? Well better buckle in because we’re gonna get you drunk now!

Take A Shot When

  • Scott Buck’s Name Appears on-Screen.
  • Ike Pelmutter’s Name appears on Screen.
  • When Medusa’s hair is cut.

Take a Drink When

  • A fight breaks out. Take 2 if the fight choreography is dreadful.
  • When Medusa’s hair CG is poorly animated or any bad effects.
  • When there’s some form of reference to the wider MCU. Take 2 if it references the events of Agents of SHIELD.
  • Drink for Black Bolt’s “faces” as he tries not to use his powers.
  • Whenever Lockjaw shows up and teleports someone.
  • When powers are used.
  • When Inhumans is said.
  • When a shot is used to establish location.

Marvel’s Inhumans premieres this Friday on ABC with a 2-part/2-hour events at 8pm ET!

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