Robot Uprising Survival Guide Tip 6

Your Zombies have become Robots. This is a fact. There is no avoiding it, and there is no cure. The only thing you can do now is fight for human survival. Luckily, you have me; But rather unlucky for you that there is a Robot Uprising going on.
The first thing you should do is forget everything you know about fighting Zombies, that knowledge will get you nowhere in a situation like this. You’re crazy for even thinking of that.

Since you’re already with 4 other people, and have clean socks – you might as well change your socks now [I will give you ample time], and stick with the people you’re with. No point in splitting up and dooming yourself even more than you already are.

Maybe while you’re changing your socks, out of the corner of your eye you see one of your fellow survivors – let’s call him Lochlan – turn a stark shade of white. Now, you’ve probably grown to know that Lochlan isn’t scared very easily, considering he’s spearheaded many “Spear a Zombie Head” campaigns during the outbreak. So if something is making him nervous, you should just take it on faith that it’s something horrible. But unfaithful you, you look anyway.

Out of the hole of a shack you’re changing your socks in, about a football field away you notice what appears to be a large horde of Robot-Zombies trudging towards you, searching and purifying the area. Nobody speaks, nobody thinks. Nobody acts. Luckily, I will continue to help you through these dark times.

Robot Uprising Survival Guide Tip 6: Don’t make a sound, don’t engage them. Wait further instructions.

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