Bond Review: From Russia With Love

From Russia with Love is the 2nd movie in the James Bond franchise. It was released in 1963, and starred Sean Connery as James Bond.

This movie has some of the most memorable moments in the Bond franchise, and that’s saying a lot. From Bond’s fight against Red Grant aboard a speeding train to the epic boat chase at the climax, there are plenty of moments that will have leave you humming the James Bond theme for days.

And speaking of the music, the James Bond theme makes its triumphant return and we get one of the best Bond theme songs to date: “From Russia With Love”. You know the one. This sequel to Dr. No is better than the original in almost every way: the budget is noticeably bigger, the action is more intense and the acting is much more professional.

The only thing that’s not an improvement over Dr. No is the Bond girl. I’m not bad-mouthing Daniela Bianchi but Ursula Andress is just a bit superior.

In case you haven’t guessed, this is one of my favorite Bond films, and I highly recommend it to everyone, even you over there. Yeah, you.

Secret Agent Rating: Double O Agent


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