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007 Days of Nov: Day 007

We have reached day 007 of our 007 Days of Nov. It has been quite a trip so far as we strolled down Bond memory lane. Yesterday, we touched on locations in a Bond film. The man does travel the world and all. The movie must end, and generally it ends in high fashion. Sometimes you are fighting aboard a little aircraft (Goldfinger/Die Another Day), other times it may be across the sea (Thunderball/Tomorrow Never Dies) or it may be some funky lair.

Today we are talking about our favorite villain lairs from the Bond franchise. Unlike the other categories so far, I really don’t think this fits across all 22 movies. Some of the movies have less than memorable climaxes/lairs. I mean Casino Royale was an awesome movie, but there really wasn’t a final villainous hide-out. The same of Dalton’s License to Kill even if they had the printing press area.

With that said, my pick for favorite villain’s lair has to go to Blofeld in You Only Live Twice, I’m sorry, but hiding your base inside of a volcano? AWESOME! Having said base being infiltrated by James Bond and a group of ninjas? It doesn’t get any better than that!


Can’t find a proper clip of the climax but check out this Maya render that someone did of the base, and tell me that’s not bad-ass?

We now turn our attention to Mr. Wolfwood as he shares with us his favorite villain hideout.

My absolute favorite would have to be Scaramanga’s island from “The Man With The Golden Gun”. His island had literally everything on it. The funhouse, the solar power plant, a solar-powered death ray, and everyone’s favorite dwarf manservant, Nick Nack!

Another fine pick. An amusement island for a mad man.

As always hit us up with a comment on your personal pick in the comments section.

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