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Nerds on the Rocks 146: Forever Evil and Evil Forever

This week we dedicate the show to those men and women (aliens and monsters and robots) who make life just a little more interesting for our heroes. Yes, this week, we talk about the...

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Ask a Dork: Villainous Screw-ups

“Which villains were most done-in by their own mistakes?”   Probably the best way to answer this week’s question is to cite some particularly foolish antagonists and break down exactly what they did wrong....


Review Shooter: Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

Have you felt that your life has been missing that fantastical element recently? Do you feel there aren’t enough men and women in color spandex patrolling your neighborhood? Well, the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co....


007 Days of Nov: Day 007

We have reached day 007 of our 007 Days of Nov. It has been quite a trip so far as we strolled down Bond memory lane. Yesterday, we touched on locations in a Bond...