Nerds on the Rocks 38 Team Polls

As many of our avid listener already know, this week’s Nerds on the Rocks focused on each host picking their own unique team for “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”. Under the requirements of 6 core team members ranging from the token female to our master stealth expert. Below, you will find each of the teams as determined on the show.

All you need to do is hover on down to the comments section and state which team you thought was the best constructed. And if you want to get in on the fun, you could leave your own team in the comments section as well. Or even drop us a line at 347 470 NERD (6373) with your team and we’ll include it on the next podcast!

Each team below is presented in the order of: Tough Guy, Experienced/Mentor Figure, Stealth Expert, The Female, Vehicle Expert and the Wild Card.


Brock Fuckin’ Sampson (from the Venture Brothers)
Sherlock Holmes
Ryu Hayabusa (from Ninja Gaiden)
River Song (from Doctor Who)
The Doctor (Matt Smith)
Nikola Tesla (from Five Fists of Science)


Ichigo Kurosaki (from Bleach)
Saitou Hajime (Rurouni Kenshin version)
Suoh Takamura (from Clamp School Detectives)
Yuko Ichihara (from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and XXXholic)
Mokona Modoki (from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and XXXholic)
Tasuki (from Fushigi Yuugi )


Wolverine (From Marvel)
The Doctor (Doctor Who/Matt Smith)
Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid)
Kitty Pryde (The X-men)
Carl (from UP!)
Batman (From DC Comics)


Bowser (From the Super Mario Franchise)
Raiden (From The Mortal Kombat Franchise)
Spy (from TF2)
Samus (From Metroid Series)
the Doctor (Doctor Who/Matt Smith)
James Bond (Connery)


Hulk (Marvel)
Vandal Savage (DC)
Drizzt Do’urden (from the Forgotten Realms)
Captain Marvel (DC)

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2 Responses

  1. nino1911 says:

    Anthony will win. Seriously he’s got the best ones imo.

  2. Loop says:

    Love all the teams but if I had to choose one to perform a mission I’d choose Anthony’s. Any team with both Wolverine AND Batman automatically wins for me. They all seem like they would work well together considering most are used to working in teams. Love the addition of Kitty Pryde and Carl is just awesome. So yeah if I had to pick a team that I’m sure would get the job done this would be it.

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