The Walking Dead: Episode 2 – “Guts”

I spent most of the past month telling people two things. The first was that I didn’t know what The Walking Dead was, and the second was me caving in and saying that I’ll watch it.

Episode 2 – “Guts”, aired on Sunday November 8th.

The Gist:
Rick gets advice to run out of the tank to an alley, where he meets up with a crew of other people holed up in a department store. Racial slurs are made, asses are beat, hands are cuffed, and zombies are bludgeoned. The episode concludes with all minus the white racist escaping in a Delivery Truck, while the token Asian/Teen speeds away down the highway.

The Good:

-Andrew Lincoln. So far all I’ve seen from this guy is good acting for the role of desperate-husband/father-in-a-zombie-wasteland.
-The show continuously succeeds at suspense with no type of loud “Ahh!” moment; but just pure suspense. The type of quiet, tense moments you almost don’t expect from shows or movies anymore. It’s great to see those moments again.
– The realization that zombies were people, too. The part before cutting up the corpse where Rick reads out his name and says he’s going to tell his wife about him was one of the better parts of any Zombie show/movie I’ve seen.

The Bad:
-Maybe the influx of Zombies in pop-culture has made these things a little too predictable by now. It would be nice if someone didn’t wake up in a coma after a Zombie outbreak, and had no family to search for at any point.
-After Rick meets [What I assume to be] the supporting cast, I wasn’t too blown away by any of them. None of them really struck me as interesting characters off the bat.
-Supporting Cast Zombie-Movie checklist: Overweight black guy – check. Successful black female – check. Single white lady with a heart of gold – check. Self-reliant teen and/or Asian – check. Backstabbing friend banging your wife – check.

To be honest, I struggled to find things against this episode. The show really is great, and if you haven’t watched it or don’t plan on it – I really do hope you change your mind.

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