WWE Allstars Finisher Move Videos Released

“Come one, come all, to the WWE Allstars brawl. Sgt Slaughter and Swagger join the ranks with the rest of the legendary crew of this game as they receive Finisher Move videos sanctioned officially by the WWE and THQ (publishers of the upcoming multiplatform wrestling action game). If you haven’t had a chance to feast your eyes on the classic style of wrestling we used to enjoy under the WWF banner, then this is the game to do so in. You will soon be able to put the game in your hands, for now enjoy these clips!

CLICK HERE to play Sgt Slaughter’s Finish.

CLICK Here to play Swagger’s Finish.

*There were also many more WWE Allstars Finisher Move videos released today showing off the moves of Rey Mysterio & Piper, Bret Hart & Andre, Hogan & Edge, Triple H & Kane, the great Eddie Guerrero, Jake & Orton right here.”


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