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Game of the Year Countdown: July 2010

Summer lovin’, had me a blast
Summer lovin’, happened so fast

At this point, summer is in full swing and the biggest celebration of the summer takes places. School’s out, weather’s warm so no one is staying inside, and game companies apparently know this as July continues the pretty poor release schedule. Though, it does have two bids for possible Game of the Year and Downloadable Game of the Year. Let’s get to the big board.

Persona 3 Portable (PSP) 9.1

What does it say about a month when one of the most interesting games of the year is a port of a pretty niche RPG to the worst selling console of the generation. Still a fantastic little game that our little Chad-ling would recommend.

Crackdown 2 (360) 7.1

How can a sequel go horribly, horribly wrong? Ask the developers of Crackdown 2, and listen to them and avoid ALL of their mistakes. Not a fun follow-up.

Tournament of Legends (Wii) 5.1

Usually, I avoid putting truly awful games on this list, but our very own Wielder had the chance to play this throughout most of the summer, and its like well he loved it… so much that he never ever ever wants to speak on it again.

Blacklight: Tango Down (XBLA/PSN) 6.8

An interesting if not simplistic take on the FPS genre, didn’t light the world on fire, and shooters are a dime a dozen, but at least check out the demo.

Dragon Quest IX (DS) 8.7

Probably the best RPG released this year. A fun RPG that had a ton of coll features including online co-op.

DeathSpank (PS3/360) 8.3

This was an interesting downloadable title, had a fairly decent selection of weapons and abilities and a really cool sense of humor, which is hard to come by in games.

Limbo (360) 9.0

The game that jumpstarted the Summer of Arcade experience was perhaps the best of them all. A title that stands hand and shoulders with even some retail titles is a top contender for Downloadable Title of the Year on any console.

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift (PS3/360) 8.6

An expansion pack of sort for a rather fun fighting game. While it is no Super Street Fighter IV, it deserves a lot of attention!

Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii) 6.7

A game that saw more delays than Gran Turismo 5 (hi-oh), this was a traditional RPG that just suffered in translation with a really bad localization.

StarCraft 2 (PC) 9.2

Probably the biggest and most eventful launch of the summer. A sequel that was a decade in the making and somehow managed to live up to the lofty expectations. A serious contender for Game of the Year.

That does it with the big and not so big releases of July 2010. In case the gushing blurb didn’t give it away, our Game of the Month:

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  1. jbnet211 says:

    Starcraft 2 is the reason Why I building a PC…. That and Diablo 3…. and maybe CIV 5.

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