Power Hour: Marvel vs Capcom 3

For a first review, a fighting game is an odd choice for me, but because of the format of the review I think it works perfectly. I have never been hardcore into fighting games thus not one to buy them upon release. So this review will hopefully help people who like Marvel or Capcom who are on the fence.

The opening cinematic of Capcom characters battling Marvel characters was pretty good with one fight standing miles above the rest. The match up between Deadpool and Dante was so infused with awesomeness it partially blew my mind.

And on to the game, I started out with standard arcade mode, choosing one character I liked (Deadpool) and two others I thought would be suitable fighters. I had some basic concept of the fighting mechanics in the game, but as the matches began tougher, I found that the computer was spanking me hard.

I would suggest starting out in the training mode but part of me wishes it was more tutorial then just straight up practice against a motionless opponent. You are left to yourself to figure out how things work, unless you read the manual. But in all honesty who reads that!

After a about 15 minutes in training mode I decided to give arcade mode another shot. I picked Ryu/Viewtiful Joe/Wesker this time around. By far my favorite was Ryu with Viewtiful Joe being my least favorite which is depressing because his games were so amazing. This time around I didn’t get as far as the first time around, goes to show practice doesn’t always help.

For my final attempt of the hour I went with a team of Akuma(who I just unlocked somehow!) M.O.D.O.K. and Arthur of Ghosts and Goblins fame. Disliked M.O.D.O.K. and Arthur. Akuma was alot of fun though.

And that was my hour. IF you are a fan of series you will already have the game and probably will be calling me a noob. But this review is for people like me, people who aren’t hardcore fighting game fans. And to them I say unless you are a hardcore Marvel or Capcom fan, try it first before buying it.

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