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Top 5: Disney Afternoon Shows

Many moons ago, we put up a poll on the site to help us determine the best of the best when it came to the Disney Afternoon. Below, we have tallied the Top 5 shows and presented them to you. Enjoy the nostalgia overload!


This may go down as one of the oddest spin-offs/tie-ins of sorts in the history of entertainment. The show which is about a shipping company is loosely based off the characters in The Jungle Book. Except, it is taken completely out of the jungle and instead shoots its characters into high adventures in the sky. A mix of pirate action, and stunning visuals made for a delightful treat during its run on the Disney Afternoon.

4)Goof Troop

Looking to branch out its characters beyond Mickey Mouse, Goof Troop took some of Mickey’s dearest friends and vilest enemies into a whole different direction. The suburbans.  Living the life as a single dad, Goof Troop chronicled the adventures of Goofy and his son, Max, and the trials and tribulations that come with being just a tad goofy. Along with Max and Goofy, the show also featured Pete as he dealt with life as a father and husband and having to deal with being a neighbor to that goof! The show proved to be so popular that it actually spun out two films.


Perhaps one of Disney’s most daring projects during the entire Disney Afternoon saga. It is dark, moody and very mature. And unlike any other show on this list, this show was completely original for the block. No tie-in to other Disney properties, not a spin-off of a popular movie or character. The show lives on in its fans due to tackling some heavy subjects.. and infamously for it’s second series jump that many of our own podcasters refuse to acknowledge. Gargoyles is a worthy addition to any animated list.

2)Darkwing Duck

Daring duck of mystery, darkwing of the night! This was a combination of a parody (Which is kind of funny since it pre-dates the renaissance of the comic book cartoon which would take place a year later) and action. Taking the best elements of comic book characters with the zaniness of a Disney cartoon makes for a charming and enduring show.


Not a real surprise, but the number 1 show is the show that has lasted the longest in the conscious of our generation. From the hit animated series, to the movies, to the spin-off like Quack Attack and finally the recent comic series. The names Huey, Lewy and Dewey will always be remembered, and Uncle Scrooge and his money vault is still an image that is used around the Net.

There you have it, the Top 5 Shows of the Disney Afternoon as voted on by all you lovely folks!

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    Fellow Duck Fans,

    My name is Jason and I run the Disney DVD fan campaign, Open Vault Disney. Right now we are trying to get the rest of The Disney Afternoon shows not on DVD. This included the shows that are one or two releases away from being fully available on DVD, as well as shows that have never been released.

    Please join us in our efforts and help send the message to Disney that there is still a sizable fan base out there for these shows! Thanks!

    You can find us at openvaultdisney.com or check out our Disney Afternoon page on Facebook Here:


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