151 Proof Movies Hangover: Lockout Review

[After creating and then testing the drinking rules, Swan and Penguin recap their adventures with the movie. Offering their thoughts on the quality of the film itself, as well as how the drinking rules held up, and if worth using.]

Lockout Drinking Rules 

Expectations are a funny thing. They can make a bad movie enjoyable and a great movie decent if they aren’t kept in line. When you have no real expectations though, it really just allows you to go in with an open and clear mind. Lockout was a movie we had very little expectations of since we only heard of it this past Wednesday, but I think that might have helped the movie.

Let’s get to the scoreboard!


Swan: 4

This movie followed just about every cliche for an action movie. It had the one man against the world, the damsel in distress, the cheesy one liners, over the top action sequences and you know what? These things are cliches for a reason. 

When they are done right they make a movie bad ass and in my opinion this movie was super bad ass. Guy Pearce was a likeable hero, with every line of his being a one liner. Maggie Grace was a decent damsel in distress, though I don’t think I have seen her in role where she wasn’t. Though for me the stand out was Joseph Gilgun (Yes, I did have to look up his name) as the out of his mind rapist/murderer/all-around-bad-dude. Any scene he was in I could not take my eyes off of him. 

The only complaint I have with the movie would have to be that the CG looks really dated, which when you consider this movie only came out a few months back is a very, very bad thing. 

So if you want a movie where you can shut off your brain and watch things go boom than give Lockout a watch. 

Penguin: 4

Sometimes being formulaic isn’t a bad thing. This movie takes pretty much any trope you can think of in the action genre: over the top action, brutal fight scenes, cheesy one-liners, a very thin romantic sub-plot and a damsel in distress and just throws it all into space. 

I mean this movie literally offers nothing new, but it does offer something that is highly enjoyable. The fights are creative especially one that takes place in zero G. Most of the characters are likable, or at least don’t make you actively them, and the environment.. is pretty unique. Granted, it could have just as easily been a prison on Earth since it doesn’t come into play that often. 

If I had one major complaint about the movie is they give the main villain this very distinct look and a psychotic personality, but they never really push beyond that. He seems like he would have been better served in another movie. And yes, I realize it’s a bit odd to complain about a grounded villain, but they were setting him up to be anything but. 


Swan: 5

If you want to watch a movie that can shut your brain off from sheer alcohol consumption than Lockout with our rules will do just that. One of the few films we have done where all 5 of our rules we used in the first 15 minutes. And the pace never really died down. I went through my second drink in the same amount of time it took to pour. 

All of our rules worked extremely well, with no clear winner unless you play the One-Liner rule all out. I swear the main characters dialogue was made up of one liners so we had to change it to action scene one liners and really bad ass ones.

This movie also goes onto our list where one of us couldn’t cut it and had to call in Rubber Nipples. I am not pointing fingers but I think you can figure out who.

Penguin: 5

We aren’t the best at keeping time, but we do have a general idea of how early into the movie the drinking becomes a sport. This movie starts off with the main character pretty much uttering one-liners for about 10 minutes, and somehow works in every other rule during the introduction as well. I could be wrong, but fairly certain this is the first movie where every rule was used within the opening 15 mins and still used constantly throughout the course of the movie.

Granted some rules worked better than others like one-liners were a biggie and the body count was up there for the most part. Zero-gravity though came in handy only in a few scenes, but it did work. Also I don’t remember the movie beating us over the head with explosions, but trust me they are there.

And since Swan was kind enough to point it out, yes I did call Rubber Nipples on the movie.. to be fair, we only had like 15 minutes left so it wasn’t too early! 

I won’t lie, Lockout surprised the hell out of both of us. It is far from the greatest action movie ever made, but it is a ton of fun to watch and you get to see some creative kills and fights. Really what more could you ask for from an action movie like this?

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