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Poll Position: Die Hard Movies

Every now and then, we run polls on this site.. and decide to share the results! Those results are our Poll Position!

In honor of, A Good Day to Die Hard,we hosted a poll this past week asking folks what their favorite Die Hard film was. This poll included Die Hard, Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Die Hard with A Vengeance and a Live Free or Die Hard. Accidentally, I also included an option in the poll that was blanked.

Surprising no one, Die Hard ran away with the voting. With 45% of the votes, John McClane’s original tenure in the Nakatomi Plaza remains the best in the series, and to some (your humble author included) the finest action movie of all-time.

Second to that was Die Hard with a Vengeance which took in 27% of the vote. The 3rd film in the franchise introduced Samuel L Jackson’s character Zeus, and opened McClane’s playground to New York City. It deviated from the formula enough to make it revive the franchise without being too silly and over-the-top.

Sadly enough, our audience wasn’t so high on the other sequels in the series. Our blank answer actually garnered more votes than either Die Hard 2 or Live Free or Die Hard. Actually, the latter two had no fan support in our polls.

There you have it, based on the Nerds on the Rocks polling. The Die Hard series ranking is

1)Die Hard

2)Die Hard with a Vengeance

3) Not Watching a Movie

4) Die Harder or Live Free or Die Hard

We’ll be back soon with a new poll!

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