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007 Days of Nov: Day 13

Now we have gotten to the portion of the week that I’ve been waiting for. We’ve dissected the core foundations of a Bond villain, from their often out of place and unneeded monologues to their more unique base of operations. Now we get down to brass tacks as we pick the cream of the crop, the best of the best and any other cliche you want to throw our way.

However, we won’t be picking our favorite Bond villain just yet, we’ll save that for tomorrow, instead we shall be looking at the characters who in some regards are even more infamous, the henchmen. Why do I say more infamous? While there are great Bond foes like Blofeld and Goldfinger or Doctor No, we tend to remember people like Oddjob, Jaws and Nick Nack more so.

With that introduction, who is our favorite Bond henchmen?

Mr. Red Grant takes this prize handily. If you listen to our podcast (which technically ruins a few of the questions down the line), you would know that he is my favorite Bond villain in general. Aside from maybe 006 in Goldeneye, there are few Bond foes who can actually go toe to toe with Bond and are menacing on their own without a gimmick. He is also the first person to “kill” Bond on screen during the opening scene of From Russia with Love.

Red Grant is my pick, now share yours by hitting up the comments below.

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