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007 Days of Nov: Day 2

Dr. No. Goldfinger. Goldeneye.

The World is Not Enough. For Your Eyes Only. The Living Daylights.

There are only a handful of title for the Bond movies, but they always stick with you. Whether it is the name of the main villain (as is Dr. No and Goldfinger) or a plan (Thunderball) or even just a random one off line (The Living Daylights), the Bond title are something to behold. But which is your favorite?

As most of these questions will be, this is a tough one for me. A lot of the names stand out, some are truly inspired, while others leave a lot to be desired. And I know some purist may dislike me for my choice, but I’ll explain in a bit. My choice is The World is Not Enough.

My personal opinions about the movie aside (it will never make my top 10), the title is rather cool sounding and could almost be a personal motto, which is actually the second point. As it is the motto for the Bond family as was established in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, which is also why I dig it. As its the only Brosnan era film to be a callback to the Fleming novels in some regards.

Now we turn to our friend Wolfwood for his choice, which is also rather unique,

I think my favorite is “Never Say Never Again” just because of the story that goes behind it. Sean Connery had just finished shooting “Diamonds are Forever” and intended on it being his last Bond movie, saying he would “never” play James Bond again. They got him to take up the role and titled the movie “Never Say Never Again” as a sort of jab on Connery.

Yeah, he went with an unofficial Bond title, but it does tie into the legacy of the series.

Share with us your favorite Bond movie title.

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  1. I think my favourite Bond film to date has to be Casino Royale.

    So much doubt surrounded Daniel Craig being cast as 007, and the whole production went on to surpass even the most stalwart of fans expectations.

    Stripped of his traditional array of gadgetry, it was a pure, gritty, adrenaline-fuelled outing that kept you guessing at every turn. Craig himself was brilliant, as was Eva Green as Vesper.

    It’s a shame that Quantum didn’t seem to have the same impact, yet I am still waiting in anticipation of his third appearance within the role.

    Still, until then, let’s get some Bond gaming on the go! 😀

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