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007 Days of Nov: Day 4

The gun barrel sequence.

The mini-action setpiece.

The theme song/opening intro.

The movie.

The Bond movies developed a pretty simple formula from the 2nd movie, and it has taken them through 21 movies without fail. There have been some minor deviations (mostly in regards to Craig’s movies), but they pretty much all follow the formula.

We’ve already discussed our favorite theme song. Now we shall tackle our favorite pre-credits sequence.

Like I said before, the formula was established in From Russia With Love, and to be perfectly honest, they got it perfect the first time around. Yes, my favorite sequence is the opening of From Russia With Love.


As you can check out in the clip above, the scene is tense and well shot. Even more so, we see Bond killed in his second movie! Of course, once you know the reveal the scene does weaken a bit, but after all these years still holds up as the best sequence.

Mr. Wolfwood was√ā¬†unavailable√ā¬†today, but I did get a few comments from our Twitter fanbase.

Casino Royale has garnered the most support with votes from @SpideyEllis, @Batmanboy11, and @Seedy87. Which like stated before is one of the movies that breaks up the formula a bit by making the gun barrel sequence part of th pre-credits sequence.

Other picks included @Omac_Brother who supported my choice for From Russia with Love, and @jbnet211 who said For Your Eyes Only. @Batmanboy11 couldn’t choose just one so he also picked Goldeneye which was top pick for @RampagedDeath as well. All really solid choices, and offer their own special stamp on the Bond legacy.

As always, if you want to comment on your favorite pre-credit sequence hit up the comment section below.

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