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007 Days of Nov: Day 10

You can’t be the world’s greatest superspy without meeting some of the world’s most unorthodox villains.  Whether it is a person who has a bullet in the brain which prevents them from feeling pain or a woman who has a poisoned tip shoe, Bond villains are hardly ever boring.

If you haven’t figured it out by now (and shame on you, I call these things a mile away), today’s post shall be about our favorite villains ability in a Bond film.

The answer is of course Oddjob and his razor sharp hat. Let’s be honest, anyone who can make an object both part of their wardrobe and make it deadly deserve a reward. Not to mention he has no problem using it… often in the movie. Whether it is to show off by beheading a statue or by actually taking care of business. On the negative side, the hat also causes his down fall.

For bonus points, Oddjob’s hat is the ability that is carried over in the new Goldeneye Wii so tells you its at least memorable.


Oddjob gives a demonstration of his powers to Bond.

Mr. Jbnet from Twitter chimed in with Jaws, who was able to chew through anything with those razor sharp teeth

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  1. The Pint says:

    Does Pussy Galore count? She was technically Goldfingers henchman.

    And she could fly a plane and seduce anyone with a Y chromosome

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