Review Shooter: 007 Legends: Skyfall DLC

We reviewed 007 Legends when it came out, but we also knew that Activision/Eurocom had held back content until after the release of Skyfall. While it was a backwards decision, at least they were offering the content for free. Today, it released on PSN (it goes up on Xbox Live in about 2 weeks), and we just ran through it. We thought we share some thoughts on the DLC, and if it make 007 Legends a more robust package now.

The short and sweet of it, the DLC somehow manages to make the main game even worse in my eyes.

Let’s start with Skyfall. The DLC was held back to obviously not ruin the movie for any fans before it came out. After playing the DLC, I have to question that decision. This really doesn’t tell any of the story from the movie. You get a really bad snapshot of the opening sequence, and the start of the game already ruins how that ends. Then you get a random mission from about the half-way mark of the film. It’s without context, and doesn’t even ruin anything since you have no idea what he is doing or why Bond is after him!

Then comes the mission itself, which offers up a lot of variety… none of it good… but variety! You start off with a rooftop gunfight, and slowly advance across the rooftops. Then you give chase on back of a motorcycle, which sounds good on paper, but if you’ve played the skiing mission in this game.. imagine that same frustration. It doesn’t help that the obstacle such as speeding cars are animated so poorly that it takes you out of the experience completely. This section then ends with one of those fantastic fist fights, which I raved about in the main game…

After that, you get what amounts to really the only major boss battle in the game.. and one of my least favorite parts of the package. As you chase your target through a room full of glass windows. He has an automatic weapon which can down you in about 3-4 hits. You have a pistol, and narrow paths to hide behind, and takes about an entire clip to get his health down. The entire stage is this single fight and it takes about 15 minutes. It isn’t fun nor enjoyable nor does it make sense for your enemy to be a bullet sponge!

But that’s not even the BEST part of the package. One of the major complaints for the main game was that it lacked an ending. One I thought the DLC would include, but no.. this doesn’t include an ending either. The game ends just as abruptly and sends you back to the main menu.


All in all, this went from a possible rental if you were bored to just completely avoid. It’s not worth your money or your time!

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