(Gameplay Videos) Fallout: New Vegas Ghouls Go To Space

Enjoy the following two Gameplay videos from Fallout: New Vegas for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC below showing off some of the more peculiar interests of the ghouls in this iteration of Bethesda + Obsidian’s Western RPG Shooter. You will also see some glimpses into the Boone character’s segment in the game.

Video 1: Check out this gameplay video of Fallout: New Vegas where the ghouls are up to no good. Thinking they are some aliens somehow and trying to leave Earth you will see how that plan goes when some one they took advantage of gets involved.


Video 2: Ghouls in space! These ghouls met their maker yesterday, today they will try and make it to space with the help of your character. What is out there for them has yet to be discovered. As an added bonus check out the gore-filled head-shot at the end!


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